Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jaycee Filming Xinhai Revolution

Jackie Chan, Zhang Li directed more than 70 star to join the show's epic film "Revolution" is being shot, as a historical drama of the year, attracting many to join the film star, in addition to their role of speculation that caused many of the outside world In addition, the studio in Fuxin, Liaoning Province tough environment, but also to the actors suffered enough. His new album released this year, several films shot in the body, Jaycee, also taking the time to participating in particular, "Revolution", in the film role of a righteous revolution, with many performing arts scene Biao predecessors in the same field.

Jaycee year, movies, music wire together and not only the new film "Say I Love You broke up" to win the box office, word of mouth double harvest, also released his new album, "chaos" is more amazing musical talent, even by a number of Music Awards certainly, more and more film work took over files, this is also taking the time to participate in special "Revolution" guest, a righteous revolution, as the Revolution of modern Chinese history is very important, Jaycee Chan said he can participate in performances am very honored, I hope to be able to get everyone starring role in the recognition of real show time, the Chinese precursor to China's prosperity and the shed blood of the sentiment.

Jaycee to perform as part of the studio in Fuxin, Liaoning Province, the scene is filming in an abandoned mines, the scene of the sand is very large, with more than a war drama to the scene the smoke billowing, many explosions all The cast and crew have a "depressed" is often filmed returned it one day, baths are not clean, Jaycee Chan joked that smoking is worse than it should, within 1 day may have black lung. Since filming relatively remote, so the gap in the shooting, want to use the phone and the outside world has become a big problem, like the Internet's Jaycee actors in the scene ready to wait, more often pick up their own communications equipment around to look for signals, more jokes by staff and the aliens in contact.

In addition to intense shooting, Jaycee Chan also "Ye ask prequel" starring Yu Hang talk to enjoying themselves, played in the film with the two-righteous revolutionary, how opposite field, in the studio intermission, Jaycee Du Aerospace will take the initiative to communicate, the latest Wing Chun is very popular, have become the focus of the two chat.

The end of "Revolution," the scenes, Jaycee Chan and immediately hurried to his new film "The Adventures of Li offer advice" to shoot, for their next few films, self-confident Jaycee Chan said he hoped the new film as soon as possible meet with all of that time will show a completely different feel from previous roles.








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