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Jackie Opens A Kindergarten School and Visits His Pandas

While in Chengdu Jackie continued his charity work by opening a Kindergarten school with 6 new classrooms accomodating 191 children in partnership with PICC(People's Insurance Company of China). Jackie became the Goodwill Ambassador for PICC in 2008.

He then visited the Chengdu Panda Research Station to become reacquainted with his adopted panda's Cheng Cheng and Long Long (AKA Fong Fong). You can read the account HERE. La and Zy were also on hand to meet their live brother and sister. Unfortunately Cheng Cheng and Long Long (AKA Fong Fong) are now too big to be held but Jackie had an opportunity to meet some new baby panda's who were so happy to meet him that one gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

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PICC Wudu completed Kindergarten

191 children in the hardest hit Hanwang hi new campus move

November 28, kindergartens PICC Wudu Hanwang Mianzhu in Sichuan were completed, 191 children from quake-hit activities of the board moved into a new and modern campus. PICC Group chairman, president Wu Yan and international superstars, the Chinese Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan co-insurance for the new park opening. It is the PICC in the Wenchuan County earthquake dams following the text of primary schools, into the county week donated the flag after the third primary school love.

The hardest hit as the Wenchuan earthquake, the original Mianzhu Wudu Hanwang nursery school in the "5.12" earthquake collapsed, teachers and children have worked in tents, activities of the board of education, school, or even transfer off-site. Early June 2008, the People's Insurance Charitable Foundation and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Education Mianzhu contributions to 300 million, earmarked for the reconstruction of love school. It is reported that the donation is Mianzhu City Board of Education received the first post-disaster donations. The multi-site, in February 2009, PICC and Mianzhu Education finalized a new site in the reconstruction of Hanwang Wudu kindergarten. After a year of intense preparation, the current area of 2700 square meters, construction area of 110 square meters, with a playground, library, music room and other modern setting completed the new campus has been completed and delivered. Chapter Yung Tang principal, said the new park is completed PICC have added a wealth of teaching equipment, the new nursery was named "Mianzhu rural level, Kindergarten" and become the best local nursery school. A total of six new Kindergarten classes, now has reached 191 school children from the activities of the board moved into the new school the children are happy, parents are very pleased.

In the dedication ceremony, the Chinese People's Insurance Group president Wu Yan said, "Wudu PICC completed kindergarten in 2008 the continuation of love action, but also round the PICC and Jackie Chan share a common dream. The dream is to spread Our love, with love to Relay children's future hope of the motherland! "Chinese Ambassador Chan said Paul's charity, see the children from the activities of the board moved into a new school was happy to become volunteers PICC a member of the honor.


1, PICC charitable

In 2008, China has experienced snow and ice storms and southern Sichuan, "5.12" earthquake in the two major natural disasters. PICC bravely assumed responsibility disaster, a total of 3.22 billion yuan to pay compensation, the company and all employee contributions over 7700 million, donated tents, blankets, medicines and other urgently needed supplies for the disaster recovery operation and reconstruction to give a great deal of support.

Wenchuan after the earthquake, May 13 PICC first to contribute 10 million yuan in Sichuan. Subsequently, mobilized employees to pay a special party membership dues and special fares 2,200 million, employee contributions 19.94 million yuan. In addition, Sichuan, China, PICC has to be a serious earthquake in Shaanxi, Gansu, 200 million of the donations for the construction of the Chinese People's Insurance medical centers and local post-disaster reconstruction.

At the same time, nearly 4,000 of PICC PICC earthquake recovery operation action for the first time volunteers, active in earthquake relief and reconstruction work. Stable life for the victims, so that affected students to resume classes as soon as possible, human security volunteers actively build "tent schools" and "tent hospital", "Volunteer service station tent," "cultural activities tent station", the cumulative puts up more than 800 victims placed tents , tents, school buildings more than 20 rooms. Love into a piece of tent was affected people affectionately called "People's Insurance village." Politburo Standing Committee, He Guoqiang, secretary of the CPC Central Committee He Yong, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Steinmeier of Germany, etc. have come to visit PICC tent schools, to visit school children.

May 14, 2008, the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee, Sichuan Provincial People's Government to the Chinese People's Insurance Group, sent by the Party Secretary Liu Qibao, autographed thank Governor Jiang Jufeng electricity, representing the whole of Sichuan people to express my sincere PICC thanks. June 2008, China Insurance Group relief volunteer service its outstanding deeds, issued by China National Financial Financial Union, "Labor Award" and the Central Financial Work Committee awarded the group the "earthquake relief advanced group" title. In the same year in October, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council earthquake relief awards ceremony held at the National Assembly, PICC Aba company Leiyun Rong was a "national model for earthquake relief," the honorary title and receive recognition. December, PICC, as representatives of the insurance industry won the "China Charity Award."

Is a positive commitment to corporate social responsibility, set up in 2007 PICC initial fund size of 5,000 million "People's Insurance Charitable Foundation" in order to operate an active part in professional philanthropy; 2008 PICC hired into an international superstar Mr. Long served as Chinese Ambassador Paul Charity, collaborate in the promotion charity; 2009, PICC was set up in Beijing, "China People's Insurance Volunteers Association", to systematically promote volunteer service activities PICC.

2 Introduction

People's Insurance Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the People's Insurance Group) is initiated by the Ministry established a large state comprehensive insurance Financial Group, a registered capital of 306 billion yuan. PICC Group's predecessor was established in October 1949 the Chinese People's Insurance Company, with 61 years of development history, after several major changes, record a new course of development of China's insurance industry, creating a brilliant performance, as China's insurance market nurture and develop the insurance industry has made a historic contribution. July 2003, by the State Council, China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved restructuring of China People's Insurance Company, changed its name to the Chinese insurance holding company. June 2007, in order to uphold the security of Chinese history and brand, the company re-named the Chinese People's Insurance Group. September 2009, a successful restructuring of the People's Insurance Group Insurance Group Ltd. for the Chinese people to realize the state-owned enterprises from the traditional to the modern major shift in state-owned Holding Group, has taken a shareholding reform of state-owned insurance group's first step in China's insurance industry history of the development milestone.

Currently, the People's Insurance Group, which owns the Chinese People's Insurance Company, PICC Asset Management Company Limited, PICC Health Insurance Co., Ltd., the Chinese People's Life Insurance Company Limited, PICC Investment Holding Company Limited, PICC capital Investment Management Co Ltd, China People's Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited, Sheng International Insurance Brokers Limited, Insurance Brokers Limited and the Ghost of Human Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd., 10 specialized subsidiaries. After several years of development, the Chinese People's Insurance's business has grown from the original extension of the insurance and asset management to the trust funds and other non-insurance financial sector, the formation of the insurance financial industry clusters, built from the success of the insurance financial group structure.

In 2009, the international financial crisis facing severe challenges, the People's Insurance Group, the difficulties, to overcome difficulties, has made the development of industry-leading results. PICC Group recorded total revenue of 192.9 billion yuan to construct a new pattern of multiple profit. As of the end of 2009, total assets of Chinese insurance 304.9 billion yuan, up 31.4%; management of the total assets of 755.5 billion yuan, 5 times in 2006. In 2010, Paul successfully entered the Chinese world "Fortune" 500, ranked 371. "China 500" list ranked No. 35.

In 2010, the People's Insurance Group will be the party's congress, seventh session of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Third and guidance of the spirit, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, full implementation of the central economic work conference and the spirit of the insurance industry briefings, focusing on "promoting development, increase efficiency, anti-risk "of the main tone, in order to achieve the objective of maximizing the overall value of the Group, consolidating the Group by promoting the development of good growth, improvement in efficiency by increasing the overall profitability of the Group, through the anti-risk operation to improve the robustness of the Group of the focus on changing the mode of development, and continuously improve development efficiency of efforts to reform and development of the Chinese People's Insurance to a higher level.





在落成仪式上,中国人保集团吴焰总裁说,“中国人保武都幼儿园的落成是2008年爱心行动的延续,也圆了中国人保和成龙先生一个共同的梦。这个梦就是播种我们的爱心,用爱心来接力孩子的未来、祖国的希望!” 中国人保的慈善大使成龙表示,看到孩子们从活动板房搬进了新校舍感到开心,能成为中国人保志愿者中的一员感到荣幸。


1、 人保慈善方面


汶川地震发生后,5月13日 中国人保率先向四川灾区捐款1000万元。随后,动员公司员工缴纳特殊党费和特殊团费2200多万元,员工捐款1994万元。除了四川,中国人保还向受地震灾害严重的陕西、甘肃各捐款200万元,用于建设中国人保医疗中心和当地的灾后重建工作。











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