Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Seven Little Fortunes Join Cast of Xinhai Revolution

The New Seven Little Fortunes have joined the cast of Xinhai / 1911 Revolution as student rebels. They got to "play" with guns and storm a government building in one scene.

Express News (reporter Liu Yan) by Zhang Li directed Jackie Chan , Li Bingbing , and many other big names participating in the film "Revolution" is currently filming in Shanghai tension. Jackie Chan as the general director of the film not only drawing more than 70 friends to the circle and his son Jaycee Chan joined his new beloved disciples also opt for a new battle Seven Little Fortunes.

It is understood that the new Seven Little Fortunes student rebels who plays in the film, listen to Hu Ge plays one of the martyrs Huanghuagang seventy-two Lin Chueh people. Into the group of people shooting attack on the first day the highlight of Government House, the first gun shot scenes of the new Seven Little Fortunes contain his excitement: "I used to participate in ' Disciple 'when live ammunition is very looking forward to playing the game, this is really a fantastic time. We carried the gun around 10 kg a day in charge, and these guns can be regarded as antiques, and have 100 years of history. "To be safe, everyone in the martial arts under the leadership of repeated test shot, to each point and a hidden explosive cleared the flight are recorded only started shooting. It is too focused on shooting the scene because of the location in mind that the new Seven Little Fortunes at the scene failed to Hu Ge to be recognized. Xiang He recalled: "Because we played the rebels to shave everyone wearing a hat, so I almost did not recognize the day of Hu Ge. Just remember a guy in white standing next to me, he is our Rebel leader to join us rushed into the Government House, the rankings after a shoot, I looked carefully and found out that is Hu Ge. "

They all said that although the hard work filming another danger, but everyone, after finishing with the still very happy. "Because when you turn to catch up with dark scene, scenery there is also no electricity, in order to get a few bright points us to the old Government House in the candle, candle light dinner several Tate's husband is also very memorable."

100th Anniversary of the Revolution as a gift for the movie "Revolution" tells the Xinhai Revolution separate ways between the bitter history of military uprisings, depicts 63 historical figures.

 新快报讯 (记者 刘嫣)由张黎执导,成龙、李冰冰等众多大腕参演的电影《辛亥革命》目前正在上海紧张拍摄中。成龙作为该片总导演,不仅拉来圈中70多位好友以及儿子房祖名加盟,他的最新爱徒新七小福也齐齐上阵。






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