Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy Day

These are the last of the pictures from Changzhou that I can find at the moment.

? Jackie Chan is coming!

Yesterday afternoon, Jackie Chan Lai Yiu Changzhou, Jiangsu International Studios store grand opening, ribbon cutting Jackie went to the site and met with the media and fans, hard to do publicity for the studios.

Big Brother, your visit, the media out in force throughout the city, wants to be the nearest one. But the scene An Baosen strict. From 14:32 to meet the media, to the 3:53 opening ceremony left the scene, Jackie Chan only appeared in public view more than 1 hour. Apply Jay lyrics: Big Brother to come and go too fast, like a tornado.

13:10, 2 reporter arrived Studios Meet the Press Office of the scene, there are three or four good seats to seize the media attended. Staff to inform you that Chan 2 points to, can now be free, not after the 1:30 out of the hall.

Half an hour later, the staff informed, the plane was delayed, the opening meeting will be delayed 45 minutes. Reporter learned from the airport, Jackie Chan flew directly from Beijing, take a private plane.

"Let every person be able to spend a little money to watch a movie, this is my dream."

14:45, also ran into the panting of the Jackie Chan film of small hall on time, wearing very thin, white shirt, blue small plaid jacket, jeans, shoes, hair is very short, very spiritual, on-site round of applause. Reporter conducted an interview immediately.

The reporter asked: "Why did you choose to open studios in Changzhou?"

Jackie Chan replied: "I have a team, has been looking for rich cultural heritage, and watching films of the city, Changzhou is a. The next few years, you see, I gradually opened in other cities, first line, second and third tier cities will have. I think that the ticket prices too expensive, so spend a little money each person will be able to watch a movie, this is my dream. "

Reporter: "There is a Jackie Chan Design Studios rooms are designed for you personally do?"

A Jackie Chan: "It was my own play, do gloves, clothes, everything to make a movie stunt, when used, the outside does not sell. Was found that many people like to have foreigners want to use 1000 U.S. dollars for a down jacket . I do not listen to people's recommendations, placed in their own studios to sell, is selling well. (pointing to the dragon totem T-shirt) this flag has been unable to obtain, because it is a "dragon" character Well, the English 'Jackie' add strokes in the can, and I feel very clever! "

Reporter: "The impression Changzhou how?"

Jackie Chan replied: "Oh! (Laughs) To tell the truth, I Mashang 4:00 to fly Hefei, 12 midnight fly to Beijing tomorrow morning to fly to Taiwan. Each to a place in a hurry, only to see cars and people. But just After an ancient city on the way (that flooded the city), I looked to regret it! to see if the earlier, my "Big Soldier" directly to framing, and why should take their money! "

Opening ceremony, the "big nose uncle" fierce pro-children

Meet the Press will be the end of the opening ceremony of the square is about to begin. Each corridor were swarmed highly anticipated surrounded by people, people on both sides of the lift up to pull guard, a steady stream of reinforcements over security personnel. Security is quite a tall proudly declared that "just and his brother walked side by side for a while," suddenly become the focus of everyone pulling out cell phones, cameras: "That you can take a picture!"

Jackie Chan on stage and say hello, appeared on the big screen eight children to draw one for "big nose uncle," the short film, Jackie Chan carefully read, and even say, "It moved." Two of the children that came to power, he picked up a handful, and even kissed a good few mouthfuls. The staff side on the pigment, leaving Jackie Chan in the paintings on Mahamudra, work done, was to Zhendian treasure Studios collection.

Host announced the end of the opening ceremony, Jackie did not end, come to take care of all the stage: "We must be careful exit order, and pay attention to safety. Police and security, you have worked hard!" Having waved side exit side, but also, and the music and singing the phrase "ordinary people give me the most moving ... ..." On the photo will be drafting Jian-Guo Yao

? 成龙来了!

















 主持人宣布开业仪式结束,成龙没下场,走到台前关照大家:“一定要当心退场秩序,注意安全。公安和保安,你们辛苦了!”说完边挥手边退场,还和着音乐唱了一句“平凡的人们给我最多感动……”谈必行 文 姚建国 摄


After a flying visit to Changzhou Jackie jetted off to attend a concert in Hebei where he sang 'Guo Jia'.




Today Jackie will fly to Taiwan to attend the Golden Horse Awards.


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