Friday, November 19, 2010

Jackie Tours Changzhou

During his quick visit to Changzhou today Jackie was taken on a short guided tour of the city. Amongst the sites he was taken to see is the sunken city and ruins from the Spring and Autumn period. He said that if he had known of the sites that he would have filmed scenes from Little Big Soldier there and that given the right script he would definitely come back.

Wu network access (Reporter Yao Hui) 11 19 afternoon, the international superstar Jackie Chan and his party visited with great interest a town park and the flooded city of spring sites, Wujin District, Jiang Feng, deputy head of a guided tour.

Accompanied by the staff, Jackie Chan visited the Confucius Plaza, Commercial Street, Yancheng, Yancheng City, the ancient ruins and other places, through the staff later learned that the flooded city of Spring Park is a cultural combination of amusement and culture and leisure the human theme park to play based design methods of travel, from the Spring and Autumn period of political, military, economic, and cultural drawn, set the spring and watch the cultural mood-oriented projects in static, interactive, experiential arts projects and recreational projects. Yancheng site is currently in the same period of the best preserved ancient city ruins, showing the shape of the three rivers city of ruins.

Visit their way to praise Mr. Chan, "today on the way, I'm in the car to see this beautiful city, come in a look I was shocked, this spring is full of rich flavor, when the film" Big Soldier "and aware of the Spring and Autumn when the flooded city, come here viewfinder, and very good. in the future, if a suitable script, that I'll be shooting spring flooded the city. "

武进网讯(记者 姚辉)11月19日下午,国际巨星成龙先生一行饶有兴致地参观了淹城春秋乐园和淹城遗址,武进区副区长蒋锋陪同参观。





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