Saturday, November 27, 2010

Video: Jackie Opening the WEO Jackie Chan Children's Eye Center


Chengdu Business News (Xinhua Zhang Shihao Yang Gang, Wang Ji photography) yesterday afternoon, a low-key brother Jackie Chan came to Chengdu, as the "Jackie Chan World Eye Organisation, West China Hospital Cancer Center Children's eye" opening, this is Jackie Chan experienced this year "donation door" the first time to Sichuan, while Jackie Chan in the activity did not accept media interviews in Chengdu, but the link in his speech, he talked about his understanding of the charity, Jackie Chan admitted that charity need to learn, he will continue to insist on doing charity.

Through "donations door" Jackie Chan Charitable more carefully on

Yesterday afternoon, Jackie Chan on time at the event, he was dressed in a black costume, smiling the whole face of the media, in his speech, talking about "Jackie Chan World Eye Organisation, West China Hospital, Children's Eye Cancer Center," the original intention of setting up, Jackie Chan said, "I was a kid a lot of money, got a lot of caring people help, I grew up on a wish to return to the community, twenty years ago, Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation was established, and these years, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation around the world insist on doing charity. "Speaking of charity, Jackie Chan seems to have much to say," charity need to continue learning after many years of charity, let me learn a lot. please make sure to teach me ( Jackie Chan, especially for the guests), I will do more good. "can be seen from these words, through" donations door "to charity after the Jackie Chan seems to have more understanding, more carefully charity.

Staff to help carry the table "pick up the pieces"

Later, Jackie Chan's remarks quite mean, "I often see some poor children through the media, news, and I know they need help, many artists like me, also want to know the news, we will try to help, The positive news I tend to know ... ... "pause for a moment, followed by Jackie Chan said," urge you not to chase Andy Results are not married, who I went to dinner the news ... ... "In the last photo session, Jackie Chan to do Big Brother style was, he not only helped the staff to bear the table "pick up the pieces", but also help maintain order and played, "we do not make, according to the order line." see people blocking the photographer's attention, Jackie is also crying out loud together "The first front squat, call the photographer behind the camera first ... ..." This time Jackie Chan moves a burst of applause.

Microblogging ( ) publicity "Children Eye Centre"

Although the event did not accept media interviews in Chengdu, but after the event to update the micro Jackie Bo, interact with friends, "I finally Chengdu Children's Eye Centre was set up in the hope you can help more children suffering from eye diseases ... ... many children in the eye to heal these angels in white hands, so that they can re-see a beautiful world, medical staff you have worked hard. "

It is reported that "Jackie Chan World Eye Organisation, West China Hospital, Children's Eye Cancer Center" set up will help the Sichuan region, especially the Sichuan earthquake orphans and disabled, the poor treatment of eye diseases of children. Chairman of the World Eye Organization, said Mark Lin, who is a longtime friend of Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan talking about when he set up the "West China Hospital, Children's World Eye Organization Jackie Chan Centre for Eye Disease Prevention," the idea, Chan does not hesitate to promised, "Jackie Chan donations to charity every year, this is no exception," but when asked about the number of specific contributions, Mr Mark Lin were not disclosed.

成都商报讯(记者 张世豪 王蓟 摄影 杨刚)昨日下午,大哥成龙低调来到成都,为“华西医院世界眼科组织成龙儿童眼病防治中心”揭牌,这是成龙今年经历“捐款门”后首次来到四川,虽然在活动中成龙没有接受成都媒体的采访,但在发言环节,他还是谈起自己对慈善的理解,成龙坦言,做慈善需要不断学习,他今后会继续坚持做慈善。










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