Friday, March 11, 2011

When Pigs Fly

One of the more 'unforgettable' things Jackie has done was to sing Nat King Cole's song 'Unforgettable' with Ani DiFranco on an album called "When Pigs Fly". I found this interview with Cevin Soling (Cevin is pronounced Kevin) the executive producer and brains behind the project that explains how that came about and what it was like:

The Jackie Chan/Ani DiFranco duet was pretty trippy. Ani recorded her part in Buffalo, and Jackie recorded out in Hong Kong. And I brought the tracks that Ani had recorded in Buffalo out to Hong Kong, and so we go… and I guess I was a little surprised, because Jackie does all these films, I kind of expected his English to be a little better than it is. And his English is okay, but there was like a few places where was stumbling, and it turned into me singing the lines to Jackie and him singing them back to me. Which, if you can imagine how surreal that is. Jackie Chan, he was really sweet. He arrived a bit early, and he had a body guard, which I thought was a bit funny. There was something really funny about him having a body guard, but his body guard had a broken arm or wrist or something. One of his arms was in a sling. So that was all kind of strange and surreal in and of itself. He had just come from some Save The Panda rally and was very involved in a lot of causes, and he was expressing his frustration over the newspapers only being sensational and not discussing the causes and things that he cares a lot about. So he was very earnest that way. But the man is like he's made of granite. If you were to hit him you would really hurt yourself. He was just solid. It would be like punching a mountain. It's just unbelievable how dense he is. And yet he's still unbelievably flexible.

SF: What gave you the whole idea to bring Ani DiFranco and Jackie Chan together for "Unforgettable"?

Cevin: There's a good friend of mine, her name's Jen White, and those were her two idols. She was just in love with Jackie Chan and Ani DiFranco, and so it was sort of a dare kind of thing.

SF: So you produced both of these? You actually went to Buffalo and then to Hong Kong?

Cevin: Ani did her part on her own.


This is the only copy of the song I could find on youtube so forgive the intro text:


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