Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jackie Accepts Invite from Aussie Police

Jackie accepts an invite from the Cambramatta Police to become a "Crime Fighting Ambassador". The Multicultural Liaison Officer Immanuel Choyce said that in recent years it has been shown that there is a significant improvement in law and order when police and the community work together. They have drafted Ambassadors from many other Asian cities and ethnicities because of the multi-cultural communities in Australia. Jackie said that contacting the police to report crime and to promote good public relations is very important and meaningful. He also said that many Chinese communities have a traditional fear of the police, and that the appointment of Ambassadors will help break the barrier between them and the police.

Multicultural Liaison Officer Immanuel Choyce contact person at the famous international movie star Jackie Chan, Hong Kong, Jackie Chan and the other party agreed to a card by the City Police District's fight crime ambassadors, to assist the police to promote crime prevention messages.

Superintendent Ray King City Police District Commander, Mr Chan accepted the invitation to welcome and support the implementation of the police to prevent crime and encourage the public to report crimes, and pointed out that the local part of the Asian people there are the traditional fear of the police, the establishment of ambassadors will help to break the police barrier.

Immanuel Choyce pointed out that the card market in recent years, significant improvement in law and order depends on the public and the police work together to combat crime and to actively fight crime, gathered most of the cards from Asian cities, including Chinese, Yue Yi, Laos, Cambodia and other Asian and different ethnicity, multiculturalism. Further maintaining local social order priority for the police, Immanuel Choyce said, the card City Police District is honored to be Jackie Chan to support police joint community work together.

Chan also said he was pleased to help the police to encourage the public to promote crime prevention. Jackie Chan to encourage local Chinese, the report by Immanuel Choyce crime or to reflect security problems. Also, the other in the area of different ethnic backgrounds are also available directly to him or the police within the police staff. In addition, people living in other regions can contact the police in this area.

Chan said, contact the police report crime and to promote good public relations is very important and meaningful.



HE FLIPS. He dives. He demolishes doors and climbs backwards down palm trees.

Brave — nay, foolish — is the acrobat who tries to outflip him.

And then he turns, he stares and he delivers the verbal kick in the stomach.

"Discretion is my middle name, sir," he says with a glint in his eye.

Jackie Chan might be discreet by name, certainly not by nature.

It's why the kung-fu king is the proud new ambassador for crime prevention in Cabramatta.

And get ready to flip out because the international superstar promised to visit next time he is in the country.

Cabramatta police officers approached Mr Chan — no doubt cautiously given his propensity to kick — to ask if he would like to accept the off-screen role.

Multicultural community-liaison officer Imanuel Choyce went to Hong Kong to chat with the star of the recent hit remake of The Karate Kid.

Mr Chan didn't toss and turn over his decision and was quick to accept the new mission.

He was presented with an appreciation certificate signed by local area-commander Superintendent Ray King.

Superintendent King said he hoped this appointment would strengthen the relationships between the local police and the community.

"Many residents are hesitant and fearful of talking to police about crime," he said.

"I think Jackie Chan is the perfect person to have as an ambassador. He's a good role model for people to look up to. We're always looking for new ways to build up relationships with the community."

As the face of crime prevention Mr Chan will be taking up a new kind of fight.

He will encourage Cabramatta residents to report crime and promote a safe and harmonious community.

Superintendent King said that the command would maintain regular correspondence.

Fairfield might have missed out on a visit from Oprah but Mr Chan promised Cabramatta will be on his list when he next heads down under.

Forget The Karate Kid. Now he's the Cabramatta kid.



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