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1911 Scriptwriter Gives Interview


The scriptwriter for '1911' Wang Xingdong participated in a commemoration ceremony yesterday in Guangzhou. He gave an extensive interview about '1911'. He said that the film is not a propaganda movie but rather takes as it's central theme the love story between Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) and Xuzong Han (Li Bingbing). It is their story that runs throughout the movie, tying all the disparate 'historical' bits together. A little bit of interesting information revealed in this interview is that Jaycee plays Jackie's son in the movie. Huang Xing took his 18 year old son into the battle at Xinhai with him.

This year is the 100th anniversary of Revolution, for which the CPPCC National Committee commissioned by the famous writer Wang Xingdong in following the 2009 "Founding of the Republic", the re-creating the epic drama "Revolution", and yesterday, the eve of the Revolution coincided with the 100th anniversary of the uprising Huanghuagang should be invited to the Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC, Wang Xingdong to Guangzhou to participate in commemorative activities, and accepted an exclusive interview with Nanfang Daily journalist, discusses his creative process of film scripts. He said the film is not propaganda, as in the past, as mentioned, this is Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing, "Huang Xing couple" as story line "is still the story of Sun Yat-sen, the difference is with the past, this I investigated a lot of information, with seven plot together, and three-dimensional display of the Sun Yat-sen's great. "At present, the film has finished shooting, forming a 6-hour rough cut version, are moving in two hours The standard length of efforts to "downsizing"

Plot: Li Bingbing will Cantonese for "married Huang Xing"

Wang Xingdong said, "Revolution" before the publicity, most of the modeling, the main battle scenes, with film stars joined more than 60 is again the "All-Star", it is misleading to a trade war large. "This play's most essential areas conflicts is to seize power, all the drama revolves around the conflict started. So, from the beginning, I described the Huanghuagang Uprising led by Huang Xing. But appearances in this drama One actor is not Xing, Sun is still the focus of the performance. In order to show the three-dimensional character of each side of the Sun, I designed the 7 plot. the play is written by Sun Yat-sen the most difficult, because the revolution Huang Xing in the strikes, things are done, these are relatively easy, but how to characterize a behind the scenes, this is not easy. "

As previously played by Jackie Chan promote more play Xing Xing and Li Bingbing wife Xuzong Han, Wang Xingdong revealed that two of the scenes they played a role throughout the play, "first they know is to Guangzhou to organize Huanghuagang Xing uprising, but he was a Hunan, do not understand Cantonese, then arranged for Xu Zonghan League to give him help, the results on the development of the two became lovers. "Huang Xing difficulty of this role is also great, a lot of mental activity. For example Huanghuagang pre-intifada, the situation is not good, playing or not? . At that time Sun Yat-sen in a foreign country, this decision can only be done by the Xing. 10 Road, was planning to attack, but in the end becomes 4, 4 Xing attack is only really kill up this way, and more than 80 people dead, and finally bury the corpses of 72 people, and he broke two fingers. Later, the Wuchang Uprising, Huang fancy boat to the front, one to the front as soon as fighting the enemy, and failed, failed again to commit suicide. Finally, the President also give Li Yuan-hung, make their own Fushuai, has been urging him to the founding of China, but he has always insisted on returning, etc. Sun, Sun immediately returned to the establishment of a provisional government, Huang served as army chief. This is both humility and courage to take responsibility for the great man was not much before the show. "

Cast: Sun Chun fertility turned "Yuan Big Head"

As a main theme of the film, "Revolution" also chose to get 400 million at the box office before the "Founding of the Republic," the star pattern. However, as the writer is concerned, Wang Xingdong do not like this model because we have been watching this story should focus on the plot, but because the star of many and to "count the stars" of the. Wang Xingdong said: "" Founding of the Republic, "the star a bit like a revolving door, everyone gone two lenses. And the star of the show each has its own story, Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing runs through the play, from the initial yellow Gang Uprising Battle of planning to the summer sun, and finally the establishment of the Republic of China, Huang is always present. "

The choice of Jackie Chan plays Xing, Wang Xingdong said it was Jackie Chan volunteer ourselves. "Originally, the crew wanted to let him play Situ Meitang, but Jackie Chan said he would like to play after reading the script Xing, and served as the general director to guide this movie. The son Jaycee Chan also attended the film's shooting. Year Huang Xing and his 18-year-old son to join the European Huang Huanghuagang Uprising, Huang Xing was 37 years old. Jackie Chan Xing speech today his son Jaycee Chan also summoned. "

Wang Xingdong that the Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Zhao Wenxuan (play Sun), Sun Chun (played Yuan), and other powerful actors to join, "the cast of the film is absolutely no problem." However, in order to highlight the protagonist of Sun Yat-sen , Wang Xingdong said he had cut his scenes very much appreciate the Yuan. He said that although there is the history of Yuan Development Industry, unified currency and other positive contributions, but also because of the restoration of emperor, usurped the fruits of the revolution was later criticized. The "Revolution" to play the Sun Chun Yuan is not the first time this play this role, as early as in the "Revolution" Zhang Li, executive director of TV serials in 2003, "Towards the Republic", the Sun Chun Yuan had a corner on the interpretation. Wang Xingdong revealed that Sun Chun to successfully play this role, or even "forced" fattening several pounds, so the shape of "Yuan Big Head."











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