Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love Without Borders 311 - Youtube

Artistes 311 have their own Youtube Channel and have uploaded a collection of videos.

More than 100 Hong Kong celebrities will perform at a charity concert on Friday for relief efforts in Japan.

"Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders" will be telecast live from Victoria Park from 7pm.

Singer Hacken Lee Hak- kan, actor Eric Tsang Chi- wai and model Angelababy are among those who will perform and appeal for donations during the four- hour concert.

"We, as members of the entertainment industry, wish to bring hope and support to the people in Japan," said action superstar Jackie Chan Kong- sang, one of the event's initiators. "We are also here to praise their tenacity in face of hardship."

About 100 celebrities assembled at RTHK yesterday to record the event's theme song, Succumb Not to Sorrow.

The organizing committee, comprising 18 organizations, aims to raise about HK$40 million for Salvation Army's direct relief efforts in Japan.

Simon Wong Kwok-ching, senior relief project officer, said its 80 community centers in Japan have been turned into emergency shelters for survivors, and it plans to expand efforts to provide more emergency items for the needy.

"Our colleagues in quake-affected areas reported they faced challenges when getting bottled water from retailers amid escalating fears about radioactive contamination," he said.



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