Thursday, March 31, 2011

HK Film Awards Gives Willie Chan Special Award

The Thirtieth HK Film Awards to be held from April 17th 2011 announced yesterday that they are giving Willie Chan (Jackie's former manager and long time business partner) an award for Professionalism honouring his lifetime commitment as a manager/broker/artist's agent. The lifetime achievement award will go to Miss Li Xiaping for her work in promoting the Hong Kong film industry.

Thirtieth Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony will be held on April 17, all candidates for the male and female, directors and new actors recently completed filming of this special issue Awards, the General Assembly held yesterday afternoon in Hong Kong news conference, the first two posters exposed male and female candidates. Professionalism and the Lifetime Achievement Award winner also announced that a senior manager Mr. Chen Ziqiang, respectively, and have spared no efforts to promote the development of film industry in Hong Kong Miss Li Xiaoping.

The General Assembly issued a "Lifetime Achievement Award" to Miss Li Xiaoping, in recognition of her strong in the 60-70 years of last century to the local martial arts into overseas markets. "Professionalism" award as the industry, are all familiar with Mr. Chen Ziqiang, a senior broker. Willie Photographic Art was established in 1988, brokerage firms, 90 of the last century made a star of his own Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Cherie Chung, Joey Wang and others, called "gold broker." In 1993, Willie began to help Jackie Chan, set up a JCGroup brokerage firm, to sign Daniel Wu, MaggieQ, Edison Chen, Terence Yin, etc., and help them to successfully break into the Hollywood film industry. December 31, 2007, Willie Chan officially "break up the partnership."





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