Friday, June 8, 2012

Minxian Disaster PSA

PSA for Minxian Disaster Victims. On the 11 May 2012 heavy hail and torrential rain devasted Minxian County in Gansu, China. On 7th June 2012 Jackie visited Minxian to show sympathy and support for the victims. Jackie brought donations of 500 000 yuan from JCCF for medical needs, 100 000 bottles of water, food and clothing. Through JCCF other artists donated an additional 100 000 yuan. The foundation was laid for a new Dragon's Heart Primary School and uniforms and school supplies were donated. The New Seven Little Fortunes donated a copy of their safety video and projection equipment. At the end of the charity trip to Minxian the New Seven Little Fortunes recorded this interview of Jackie: Due to the sudden retirement of my volunteer translator of these videos there is no translation. If any one feels capable of tackling the job as a labour of love please leave a comment for me. (Comments are private until I post them so you can leave me contact information!)


Anonymous said...

You did good work with this website. Thanks. Do you know somethink about CZ12 ? The date when it comes in the cinemas is still the 12.12.12? Do you know when it comes out in germany?

{Sorry because of my mistakes, my english isn't very well.}

Anonymous said...

Date on Chinese Zodiac is still 12.12.12 for China, no idea on dates for anywhere else in the world.

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