Friday, June 8, 2012

Charity Trip to Minxian

On the 7th June 2012 Jackie traveled to Minxian County, Gansu Province, China to donate food, clothing and school supplies as well as lay the foundation stone to a new Dragon's Heart Primary School. Starting at 4.30 from Beijing Jackie flew for 2 hours to Lanzhou and then traveled 7 hours by car to Minxian, taking the opportunity to doze on the way. On arriving in Minxian Jackie joined the New Seven Little Fortunes and JC Girls who had traveled separately the day before. Everyone joined in singing "Guo Jia" before the presentations of donations.

Jackie arrives in Lanzhou Airport.

His road trip was sponsored by Jeep

Crowds of people waited for Jackie

Singing 'Guo Jia'

Jackie arrives in Minxian

Billboard with artists impression of the new Dragon's Heart School

The old school building

Just time for a quick snack before driving back to Lanzhou

Chen Yang with La and Zy and Jackie



Anonymous said...

Who do you mean by JC girls?

Anonymous said...

JC Girls is an all girl singing group started and managed by Jackie about a year or so ago. Jackie's artistes are collectively known as the JC Family.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice idea. I think it is very important for a star to stay at the ground. Jackie has helped lots of people with his charity work. That he teach others his trics is very good.

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