Friday, June 1, 2012

Jackie Chan Film Museum Update

Despite optimistic reports that the Jackie Chan Film Museum in Shanghai would be open this year, the latest report is that it will only be completed at the end of this year and will only open, at the soonest, early next year. The report includes the first description of what is in the museum.

The museum will be divided into four parts:

The first part will focus on Jackie's life and personal history, the second part will focus on Jackie's films, the third part will focus on Jackie's charity and environmental protection work, and the last part will focus on the future "A New Dream".


備受關注的成龍電影藝術館,由原有舊址的老廠房改造而成,是國內唯一一座為華人國際影星而建的電影藝術館。屋頂排列著“JC88”的燈光,暗嵌著成龍“Jack Chen”的名字。   






The LONDON Reporter,, Qiu Yingqiong, reported on May 31: LONDON reporter learned from the Changfeng Ecological Business District special press briefing held today, Jackie Chan Film Art Museum is situated in the Changfeng Ecological Business District, the former site of the original light machine Plantexpected to be completed at the end of this year, in front of the establishment of "Shanghai's future Walk of Fame.Jackie Chan Film Art Museum of concern from the original site of the old plant transformed from the Film Museum of Art is the only one built for the Chinese international film star. The roof lined with the JC88 lights dark Qianzhu the name of Jackie Chan, Jack Chen,According to reports, In order to implement the Jackie Chan Film Art Museum, Jackie Chan has alone incognito visit the Changfeng Ecological Business District, and two trek personally came to the wind field trips. Museum of Art will be finalized "dream" to demonstrate the achievement of over 40 years of Chinese symbols, martial arts star, charitable messenger "Jackie Chan's life trajectory and the film made​​.It is reported that Jackie Chan Museum of Art was initially decided to four parts, the first part will focus on the history of Jackie Chan's growth; the second part of the films of Jackie Chan stages of development in Hong Kong; the third part of the Jackie Chan Charitable environmental protection and other undertakings; The fourth part of the new dream, a new starting point.To make the front of this only a Walk of Fame "fame", Jackie Chan will invite some Hollywood superstar gurus, "gathered in" Avenue of Stars, leaving the eternal fingerprints.Shanghai Changfeng Ecological Business Zone who told reporters that the end of the Jackie Chan Museum of Art is expected to be completed at the end of this year, the earliest open to the public in the next year.



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