Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bey Logan Talks Jackie Chan

This is from a recent interview with Bey Logan for Kungfu Kingdom. Read the rest of the interview which is about Bey Logan

KFK: Benny gave a couple of really good interviews on the movies you did special commentaries for, the Hong Kong Legends DVD releases of Wheels On Meals and Dragons Forever, anything else you can add?

Bey: Well, Benny told me when they were doing Wheels on Meals, Jackie had said half jokingly, you know we should do a charity match in Japan, I’ll train up for it and we’ll just have a match and it’ll be the biggest thing ever -we’ll make all this money for charity! It was never a grudge match, it was just for fun. But Benny told him: if you want to get in the ring with me you’d better really prepare yourself! When Sammo caught wind of this he gave Jackie some tapes of Benny’s fights. After Jackie watched them he was saying, “Holy sh*t!” Suddenly the whole matter was dropped, and rightly so!

KFK: Indeed! So speaking of Jackie, you worked with him of course, and how was that?

Bey: We did two documentaries. Two films, well there was a whole run because he was the producer on a bunch of films that I worked on, Gen X Cops, Gen Y Cops, Purple Storm, The Medallion, The Twins Effect… I still have a good relationship with him to this day. I just saw a picture the other day of Jackie with Obama at the White House, and I’m just thinking holy sh*t! You know like a kid who didn’t speak anything in a literate, educated way and he’s walking with a king. It’s amazing, literally amazing! It’s by his own sheer effort of will and his own nature. It was really amazing to be even a footnote in Jackie Chan’s story. It was certainly amazing working with Jackie, being around him and people always say: what’s he like? He is Mr Nice Guy, he’s a good sport and I’ll tell you what’s interesting about Jackie, I’ve never met anyone who cares for and about his fans more than he does! I think he actually cares about his fans more than he cares about his friends!


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