Saturday, July 2, 2011

More on Min Sheng MV

The evening of July 1, Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan founding gift of singing the song "Future" series premiere of a community in Beijing, MV, music for the party and presented a birthday gift. The screenings were a photo edition, comics, Heze older version, the official version of a total of four different versions of the MV, recorded the song "people" has been released in mass sung and social repercussions on the tremendous success. Artist Jackie Chan, Liu Yuanyuan, Wang Ping for a long time songwriter, composer Peter Kam and representatives from the community and schools together to enjoy a four MV screenings. Jackie Chan and Liu Yuanyuan once again serve as a singing teacher to teach, "The people are my roots, people's livelihood, holding my heart," the song creative team, artist representatives and people from the community and schools together again singing the song simple, warm voice of the people on behalf of hundreds of millions of songs, presented to the Communist Party of China a sincere 90 birthday gift.

Screenings of a few day version of "livelihood" MV characteristics, and photos depicting version of MV from the harbor to reflect the party composition of the people's photographs; comic version of the famous cartoon show many wonderful works of livelihood theme; Heze older version by thousands portrait of elderly people appeared, touched countless friends; the official version in major cities across the country and commemorate the historical significance of places for the shooting and shooting, show the country the people of all walks of life under the blooming of genuine happy life smile. The face of the Fourth Edition of wonderful MV, Liu Yuanyuan, said: "This four MV, as I see and feel these two months, everyone involved is more meaningful to this song, can sing this one full of affection, deep people agree that the song was my great honor. "Jackie Chan saw four MV deeply moved after work:" Now go and see people's livelihood, especially comics exhibition, prior to photograph people's livelihood calligraphy scroll has made me very shocked, I did not expect there are so many people to the "people" writing comics, everyone involved in telling me that you sing this song, this subject is so worth it. "

Premiere, Jackie Chan and Liu Yuanyuan interesting collaboration and chat, only two songs co-operation is very understanding, even in the very same taste, that they were all eat hot peppers, as long as the meal together, the table of the main dish must be a spicy dish, Chan said Liu Yuanyuan has become his "good buddy child", launched two look forward to continued good work has been dedicated to a wide audience.

It is understood that the Central People's Broadcasting Station commemorating the 90th anniversary of founding events - "I sing the people's livelihood," the people in singing activities in the hot summer continued. The event will continue until October. Period, the Central People's Broadcasting Station will issue the whole of society, "people" cover song collection, based on their individual and collective preferences can be re-interpretation of "livelihood" songs, vocal, ethnic, popular, rock ... ... are subject to various forms of cover collection Welcome to activities. Eventually winning entries will be August 1 to October 1 in the central city wide national media and the central city wide collaboration network for radio broadcasting.








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