Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jackie Donates 2 million RMB to Aid Sick Chilfdren

JCCF donates 2 million RMB to offer financial relief to seriously ill children in Gansu Province, China.

July 7, Beijing, Ms. Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, party Secretary-General and his entourage arrived in Yuzhong County, Gansu Province, the caring people such as Jackie Chan and his friends raise money for 200 Wan money delivered to Yuzhong county official, and signed an agreement for the local as well as helping the seriously ill children from poor families around the relief funds.

"This year, the Foundation selected a lower GDP in Gansu Province in the donated money, and to choose the payment to Yuzhong county, each caring people all want this money to help the most needy children, to stay away from diseases with to trouble. "party, said this donation to support the Foundation's first donation of Gansu, the follow-up will occur in the fund-raising.

Lanzhou Municipal Committee, secretary of Xue-Hai Zhou Yuzhong County, thanked the Party and representatives of the Foundation, Ms. Yuzhong rushed all the way to help poor families who need help the children to help them overcome the pain, love and hope to pass. Foundation also hopes that the carrier, so that charity spread to the base Yuzhong, Gansu Province, needed help to spread the hope of children.

Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation since 2008, Save the Children has more than 3,000 to be donated for charity. Yuzhong County, Gansu Province is located in the middle, is located in the eastern suburbs of Lanzhou city, 2001 was included in national poverty counties.

(张宏 丁小岚)7月7日,北京成龙慈善基金会秘书长党群女士一行来到甘肃省榆中县,将成龙及其朋友等爱心人士募捐的200万善款交付给榆中县官方,并签订协议,用于帮扶当地以及周边贫困家庭儿童的大病救助资金。






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