Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kungfu Panda Game

While watching Kungfu Panda (AGAIN) I thought up a good game to play while watching.

Here are the rules:

  1. Gather a group of Jackie Chan fans. This is already fun!

  2. Put on Kungfu Panda.

  3. Watch the movie.

  4. Remember you were supposed to be playing a game.

  5. Watch the movie again.

  6. While watching the movie a second time the first person to shout out 'Jackie!' when they spot any move that comes from a Jackie Chan movie will get 5 points.

  7. You can get a bonus 10 points if you can name the jackie Chan movie.

  8. If you actually have the movie in their Jackie Chan movie collection you collect a bonus 20 points.

  9. (Additional points can be agreed upon if you can do the move yourself)

  10. Any moves that are not from a Jackie Chan movie but you still recognise the Kungfu movie they came from you can earn yourself 50 points for each one you get right but don't expect your fellow contestants to know if you are right. You are supposed to be Jackie Chan fans after all.


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