Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jackie Receives a Panda Award

On the 27th of June, the "Beautiful Sichuan Panda Awards" ceremony was held in Chengdu in order to celebrate the achievements of the post-earthquake reconstruction. The theme of the Awards was "Sichuan is Still Beautiful".

The Awards given at the thanksgiving dinner were:

"The Most Beautiful Scenic Spots in Sichuan"

"The Most Beautiful Villages in Sichuan"

"The Most Beautiful City in Sichuan"

"Sichuan's Most Beautiful Wine"

"Sichuan's Most Beautiful Smile"

"The Most Beautiful Medical Center in Sichuan"

"The Most Beautiful Sichuan Reconstruction Workers"

"The Most Beautiful Sichuan Aid Workers"

"The Most Beautiful and Moving Story in Sichuan's Post-disaster Reconstruction"

"The Most Beautiful Prominent Charity Contributors in Post-disaster Reconstruction in Sichuan Charity"

"The Most Beautiful Sichuan Industries"

"The Most Grateful Feelings of the People of Sichuan"

"Sichuan Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction Original Song"

"The Most Beautiful Sichuan - The Most Caring Artists 5.12 in Sichuan People's Minds"

"Sichuan's Most Beautiful People"

Jackie was given the award for 'Most Caring Artists" along with Peter Kam (music), Weng, and Li Bingbing.



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