Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back in 2006 in Paris ...

...Jackie was spotted eating in a Chinese Take-away. The text says that Jackie brought his own food that a friend had made for him in re-used/recycled tinfoil containers. He had rice, braised pork and chili.

Going back to the set, on the Eiffel Tower, Jackie spoke about the importance of safety and how all pockets had to be emptied in case of items falling from the tower and hurting pedestrians below.

He showed off his Segway, giving the reporter a demonstration on how to ride it.

He spoke about the difference between making a movie in Hong Kong and Hollywood. He was asked if it was fun making Rush Hour 3 and he said 'No but my charity foundation needed the money.'

Jackie also said that he feels blessed at how warmly he is received where-ever he goes, that he feels like a part of a nation even though he isn't and that he truly feels like he is a citizen of the world.

He added that giving back is a necessity.



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