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1911 and the Oriental Princess

The Cruise ship - the Oriental Princess is China's first luxury passenger liner. Built in 1967 she has a long and interesting history as China's first flagship. She took Zhou Enlai to visit East Africa and later was sold and used as a floating casino in Hong Kong and Macao. She is now docked in Tianjin and is a floating hotel.

(Oriental Princess - Wikipedia)

Over the years several movies have filmed scenes on board. One of the latest was "1911" which filmed several scenes on deck. The engineer Bai Rongsheng who has worked on the ship since 2004, said that the number of scenes filmed for 1911 were very few, but that Jackie was very particular about the details. The crew painted the railings black and then painted them back to the original colour after filming was finished. He said that the crew had very rigid rules while on board. No smoking, no rubbish left anywhere, do not destroy or damage any part of the ship, and restore everything to the condition it was when they were finished.

Jackie made the comment that if he "knew that there was such a cruise ship earlier, I would have long come and filmed here."

the film "Revolution" crew again, this time, and the crew boarded the ship, as well as the general director of the Jackie Chan film.

Bai Rongsheng said the film "Revolution" on the boat shows are small, but Jackie Chan's requirements are very detailed, the film may be more emphasis on results, so they handled very carefully the deck, the railings are painted blue black, "Of course, after the show finished, they stood still and then brush them back." Bairong Sheng said, for every one to shoot the crew on board, they have some of the rigid requirements, such as not smoking, can not stay under the garbage, can not destroy the ship's facilities and structures, regardless of how when filming the changes, to be finished after the recovery.

Jackie Chan and his crew on the boat, the major actors in the four make-up of several rooms, and other actors make-up at the pier. Because the board wanted to make night play, so all lenses are to be completed, is already more than ten at night. Tight shot, come and gone, but Jackie Chan in to when leave not forget to Bairong Sheng said: "If I had known there is such a cruise, I would have to come and film here."



成龙和他的剧组上了船后,主要演员在四层的几个客房里化妆,其他演员在码头化妆。 因为在船上要拍夜景戏,所以,待全部镜头都完成后,已经是晚上十点多了。拍摄紧张,来去匆匆,但成龙在要离开时还不忘对白荣生说:“要是早知道有这样一条游轮,我早就来拍戏了。”



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