Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yang Guan Silver Tribute Charity Night

Recently there was a charity entertainment night held in Singapore. Amongst the guests was Yang Guang. You may remember him from the recent charity concert 'Let The World Be Filled With Love". I didn't realise that he is not only a talented singer but is known for his imitations of other well known singers.

#3 – Disability is no barrier to success – Yang Guang

He is known to have a knack for imitating the likes of established singers like Wakin Chau, Jonathan Lee, Jackie Chan and Hong Kong entertainment stalwart Eric Tsang. Meet Yang Guang, the visually handicapped singer from China.

Yang lapped up the applause of the crowd as he imitated all of these artistes, after performing a piece entitled ‘My Sun’, with 8-year-old flautist Nikolai Song.

But the 32-year-old winner of talent show Star Boulevard had a life that was less than sunny. After losing his grandparents and father on successive trips to the Chinese capital of Beijing, Yang’s only kin was his mother. During his 10-minute appearance, he paid tribute to her, with an original song. His heart-wrenching rendition of the song included lyrics like “When you grow old, I want to see the sunset with you.”

Imparting values of filial piety, the blind tenor drew rapturous applause from the crowd in the auditorium.


Here is the video of his performance. If you just want to skip to his rendition of "Sincere Hero" it starts at 6 mins.


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