Friday, June 3, 2011

5 To Do Today

It's not hard to do five things everyday
says 5 To Do Today. And I agree. To quote one of Jackie's favourite phrases you need to 'JUST DO IT!" Whatever you believe or know about climate change the fact is the world's resources are finite and not infinite as humans have believed for so long. We have this idea that we can whatever we like, use whatever we like indiscriminately because there is more over the next hill, on the next continent. Well we have pretty much filled the earth and there are no uncharted seas or undiscovered continents left to supply our needs when we use up what we have here.

We have to start using our resources wisely and conserving them so that not only do we have for everyone today to have some, but so that there is some for future generations as well.

You can add your voice to this campaign by submitting your list of 5 To Do Today to the campaign HERE


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