Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update on Yue Fei

More than a year ago I reported on Jackie and Stanley Tong teaming up to make a TV series of the story of General Yue Fei (HERE) and now there is an update on what's happening.

Stanley will direct a movie version of the story at the same time as producing a TV version. Filming is expected to start later this year on both versions. Fan Bingbing will have a leading role in the movie and while Jackie has wanted to play Yue Fei for years, a younger actor will be cast. General Yue Fei was only 30 years old when he died so its understandable. Jackie is expected to make a cameo appearance in the film.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Huang Xiaoming producer Peter Chan had been looking forward to performing the "Flying Guillotine", but the film can not get approval for the directors and that no filming of the final 500,000 yuan his price took a set of producer Stanley Tong drama, "Yue Fei", the play heroine is Fan Bingbing. Reportedly, the series lead two star energy absorption performance, mainly because Stanley Tong will synchronize themselves to the same people making the film version directed billion.

Stanley Tong has been the idea of ​​making a film ten years ago, "Yue Fei", but because the investment is too large to have been shooting free period, until the growing mainland market, has no shortage of funds, he finally got his wish, you can officially start shooting in November this year, film and television version, TV version he would act as producer, the film version will be personally directed. Yue Fei played the corner has been implemented by the Huang Xiaoming, Fan Bingbing played the wife of Yue Fei, Cheng Pei Pei is performed in-law, Yue Jiajun in the global recruitment, two versions of film and television production costs over 120 million yuan.

It is reported that the Stanley Tong has been the main force in the film can go to the development of re-filming Huang Xiao Ming, is out of 500,000 yuan for a set price inducements that he, along with synchronization and then ask him to show the film version, he performed the implementation of the estimated to take 40 episodes of drama, just the reward to up to 2,000 Xiaoming million yuan, is currently filming worth the mainland to obtain the highest star. Fan Bingbing took 30 million yuan for a set of TV version of play alone, she received income of 1,200 million yuan.

In fact, Huang Xiaoming and Ethan had wholeheartedly looking forward to performing Chan producer of the "Flying Guillotine", but the film because of the change of the director and the script has not obtained approval, so shooting free period, the two main characters can not indefinitely wait, so Ethan has been received Niu Ze under the middle of next month filming the love story, and Huang Xiaoming busy making their own investment in addition to the films, will be officially opened in November show "Yue Fei."

Jackie Chan or guest

In addition, always wanted to play Jackie Chan Yue Fei, a young actor but the director felt more appropriate, but investors have taken this movie because Jackie Chan, the director should be to find a corner of his guest, and will serve as action director Stanley Tong.



  据悉,这次唐季礼能请到已主力在影坛发展的黄晓明再拍剧,是开出50万人民币一集的天价利诱他,再加上同步再请他演出电影版,他才落实演出,该剧估计拍40集,单是晓明的报酬就高达 2,000万人民币,是目前取得最高拍剧身价的内地红星。范冰冰就拿 30万人民币一集,单是演电视版,她就获得1,200万人民币收入。






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