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Plot Outline of 1911 Released

A basic plot outline for 1911 has been released.

(Very Brief Summary of the Article)
1. Sun Yat Sen appoints Huang Xing (Jackie) as the leader of the Guangzhou Uprising. Huang Xing and Xuzong Han (Li Bingbing) sneak into Guangzhou by posing as man and wife. Sun Yat Sen leaves for America to raise funds for the Revolution.

2. April 27th 1911 Huang Xing, Lin Chueh-Min and other young rebels attack Government House. The attack fails resulting in the death of the 72 martyrs. Huang Xing cannot be found after the battle.

3. Wuchang Uprising: In Wuchang the New Army starts an uprising which ends in chaos.

4. Battle: Huang Xing survives the battle in Guangzhou and returns to take command of the forces in another battle which they also lose.

5. Sun Yat Sen and Huang Xing have a difference in opinion following the battles. December 1911 the Emperor abdicates and Sun Yat Sen is voted Provisional President.

Chapter One: "bloody Huanghuagang"

The first time in three years, the Sun Yat-sen (Zhao Wenxuan) convened in Penang, the main backbone of the League to arrange Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) as the leadership of the Guangzhou Uprising, and appointed a new revolution of women widowed Xuzong Han (Li Bingbing) posing as his wife, They sneaked into the city of Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen himself ... ... and to the United States to continue to raise funds for the revolution.

April 27, 1911, led by Lin Chueh-Min Huang Xing (Hu Ge), and other young rebels attacked Government House, have lost. Xu Zonghan after hearing the bad news, endure grief Shoulian the seventy-two martyrs, but can not find the body of Xing ... ...

Chapter II: "Wuchang Uprising"

October 10, 1911, Wuchang New Army Xiong Bingkun (Du Aerospace), a Jinzhao Long fired the first shot Revolution, guide Li to (Jiang Wu) in Zhang Zhenwu (Jaycee) and other revolutionaries of persuasion half-hearted when the military governor of Hubei. Fall to Empress Dowager Wuchang (Joan Chen) position chaos, while bank loans to the four countries plan to be overseas, Sun Yat-sen and blocking, Empress Left, the only please Yuan (Sun Chun) coming out ... ...

Chapter III: "Battle of the summer sun"

Hankow frontline fire grievances, "Huang Xing to the banner suddenly immediate concern, the original uprising in Guangzhou Xing lucky survivors, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of his arrival so that morale was high, Xu Zonghan were subsequently arrived, two experienced a lot of life and death, dark affair month Health ... ... the end result of the Battle of Xia Yang outnumbered and defeated, lonely ride Xing riverboat being left Wuchang when they drift away to a recovery of the wooden sign over water reported ... ...

Chapter Four: "Creating a republic"

Sun Yat-sen and Huang Xing after returning to war and the problems have differences, Wang Ching-wei (Shao-group decoration) on behalf of the revolutionaries to start with the good offices of Yuan Shikai. December 1911, Sun was elected provisional president, and telegraphed Yuan Qing emperor to abdicate as long as can be so ... ... in Yuan

Sun Yat-sen and Huang Xing as about to step down came together after the Hanyang, pay tribute to the world that seek democracy and a republic the ghosts of the war dead ... ...

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Thank you for posting all the special Jackie Chan news. I am not CHinese, so finding these kind of news is verry hard. You are doing a great job in informing all of us CHan fans all over the world.


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