Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Make Like Jackie on a Segway In HK

Segway Rental - Group

Eager to try one of the most innovative transportation methods of today? The electric Segway PT might just be the vehicle of the future, so find out what is behind the popularity of these fun vehicles.

Rent 3 Segway PTs for 1 day

2 trainers included to teach how to use a Segway PT and to assist for a fun party, unique team building activities or memorable customer relationship gatherings

Great for parties, entertaining clients or team building events, this package provides a new and exciting experience to anyone with the urge to try out the technology that is aiming to change the way the world moves. These revolutionary vehicles are designed to be simple to operate, where steering is handled by leaning in the direction you want to move in—like walking! And given how fun they are, it is no wonder that these innovative vehicles have been rapidly growing in popularity worldwide.

The Segway PT is a pioneer in personal green transportation, and has established itself as a leader in the emerging small electric vehicle space in many places including tourism, security, marketing, personal commute and commercial use. The Segway PT is designed for riders of any age, and is easily operated over varied terrain.



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