Wednesday, June 8, 2011

JCCF Supports Digital Film Festival Charity

The Second Macau, China International Digital Cinema Festival and Technology Expo will be held from 1 - 3 November 2011. As part of the festival they will hold a star studded charity dinner to support Anti-AIDS activities and AIDS research in China. JCCF is supporting the event and Jackie will attend the dinner. Wei Gu and Jackie will introduce a documentary video directed by Wei Gu called 'Together'.

More information on the festival below.

yesterday, the second session of the Organizing Committee of the Macao Film Festival press conference held in Beijing, announced November 1 to 3 in Macao, Macao, China held the second session of the International Digital Film Festival and Entertainment Digital Technology Expo. Jackie Chan, Wei Gu determined to attend.

Organizing committee, the festival will introduce the "star-studded - anti-AIDS fund-raising dinner," and the video introduction. Fundraising Dinner won the support of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, the fundraising will be used for anti-AIDS activities and support the Chinese Mainland, Macao and Hong Kong's AIDS research. Jackie Chan and "favorite" director Gu Wei to attend the party together and bring a documentary directed by Gu Wei "together." Film Festival will be held during the industry's top experts and internationally renowned keynote film, 3D Summit, Hollywood and Chinese dialogue, ceremony and other activities.




The second Macao, China international digital cinema festival and Technology Expo

The Second Edition of the Macao, China International Digital Cinema Festival and Entertainment Technology Expo will interweave leading filmmakers, entertainment companies, broadcasters and technology experts from across in China, with global leaders in content creation, entertainment technology and manufacturing. The event will feature industry leading speakers, motion picture and broadcast celebrities, motion picture screenings, seminars, panel discussions, award winning independent, documentary and student films, special gala banquets and receptions. All the while, focusing on the latest advances and technologies of 21st century motion picture, television and electronic game production.



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