Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some News about "Revolution"

Although filming already started some time ago in Fuxin the movie held its official 'Start of Filming' Ceremony on the 25th of September now that the major stars have joined the production. The remote location in an abandoned quarry in Fuxin is ideal because of the absence of modern intrusions such as telephone wires etc. So far they have been filming battle scenes. Jackie is expected to only be there for about a week filming his part. Also revealed is that Jackie has invested about one third of the production cost into the movie.

Filming will also take place in Shanghai, Beijing and other locations. The expected release date is National Day 2011.

Tomorrow, by Jackie Chan, Zhang Li's film "Revolution" will be held in the large-scale shooting Fuxin, Liaoning Province ceremony. In fact, the crew had already started shooting into the Fuxin, because the actors have not been into the group, so the crew is filming large battle scenes. Reporter was informed that the shooting ceremony tomorrow, 25th of this month into the group in the film starring Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing are coming out, Jaycee Chan also appeared to follow the father.

This big production because in the formation of shooting, but also to the fans is very concerned about the province. Yesterday, informed sources revealed to reporters a lot of exclusive news, newspaper readers to decrypt the first time, "Revolution" Toupai behind the scenes.

Taken to decrypt - Fuxin coal mine for the war drama

Why did you choose for the Fuxin as shooting, producer Wang Zhebin interview, told reporters before the election landscape in many places they go, the last set at Fuxin Haizhou coal mine, where the age-specific filming retained the old train. In addition, a huge coal mine can form a natural barrier to prevent Goof also avoid the bother, here is also very suitable for large scenes of war play. And the local government vigorously with.

In addition to Fuxin, the film will be in Shanghai, Beijing and even some foreign places for filming, but almost no scenes took place, so the scenes of war play in the formation of basically completed.

Investors decryption - Jackie Chan has invested 50 million

Yesterday, an insider revealed to reporters, the Jackie Chan invested 50 million, sources said he would shoot his scenes in a short time leave but may actually spend more time Jackie Chan film crew to follow. First, he is a star, general director, the other, he is also a big investor, producer. Although only a nominal director, but as investors, concerned about the Jackie Chan of course, shooting schedule. Total investment of 100 million 5 million of the "Revolution" Jackie Chan, one-third. Insiders said, as investors, Jackie Chan was very nervous shooting the film, but will use their connections, attracted more star friends to help out, "Revolution."

Li Bingbing fellow investors unwilling to disclose the amount of investment, but said he is very concerned about the shooting schedule, making more money a day to waste a day.

News "Revolution," the first exposure modeling

Yesterday, the "Revolution" the first time is Sun Yuan and the role of the two heavy head shape. In TV series "Towards the Republic" had the same role in the interpretation of Sun Chun Yuan overwhelmed by the second fertilization, and Vivid's Zhao Du starred Sun is the fourth time, he and "Party Albert" to play the same role The Chang Han will lead to a screen in front of "Running." Reporters that, "Revolution" will be fixing the first half of 2011, and was released in the country during the National Day.








  同为投资人的李冰冰不愿透露投资金额,但她表示自己很关心拍摄进度,多拍一天就浪费一天的钱。 记者 张铂





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