Monday, September 20, 2010

New Seven Little Fortunes and JCCF in Zhouqu

The New Seven Little Fortunes helped spread a little love in Zhouqu by distributing care packages donated by Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation (Beijing). The packages contained disinfectant, antibacterial soap, washing powder and other health care products.

September 18, 2010, the new Seven Little Fortunes and Beijing with the staff of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, with a deep love Jackie Chan, with this line of hygiene products donated two vehicles arrived Zhouqu jointly sent Their love and donations.

Jackie Chan had donated money to one million yuan was delivered on August 24 Health Bureau, the new Seven Little Fortunes to bring the 5100 sets of personal hygiene products and 39,000 bottles of disinfectant to the local public health. They Zhouqu County and Health Department held a brief ceremony to donate and after the disaster on Zhouqu further understanding of the situation.

From August 8 after the disaster, Chan began Zhouqu assistance program to assess the road and hit several state research, Chan first donation million. He said that because of his busy filming, it could not spare to go to Zhouqu, so the disciples of the new Seven Little Fortunes sent to Zhouqu. In addition to complimentary health products and, more importantly, hope that they collected affected site conditions and needs of the affected areas, aid operations in order to plan the next step. Chan said he would send in the future to go to Zhouqu love.

Zhouqu county seat from the plane to go through 10 hours of the drive, not yet arrived Zhouqu County, along the way so that we can see the debris of the affected houses and tents erected to flood disaster relief point, although the road has been open again, but are still visible along the warning signs.

The donation of the receiving unit Zhouqu Health is a serious flood debris hit one of the units, county hospitals, maternity and child care were buried by landslides, caused by hygiene products only temporarily placed in the courtyard of Health next to damaged houses open space, see this scene in the new staff of seven small-Fort Worth is difficult to control the minds of grief. With local residents to see the new arrival of Seven Little Fortunes were also deeply moved, they also felt the deep love Jackie Chan. Which was proposed to the hearts of everyone with a big emotional "love" expressed in words, so that the national interest Zhouqu Naizhi people overseas can see Zhouqu strong, the sadness and more into the love of all support forces. Receive such a gift and love, local residents were very moving. In the new Seven Little Fortunes said he apologized to some of the evening performance, they say love is no time limit, how late is not too late.

Fort Worth new seven small local victims to work together, a few minutes to put a big "love." This love is not only passed to the scene of each individual, and the Seven Little Fortunes have been through the new micro-Bo, Jackie Chan is passed to the master micro-Bo, then passed to the countless individuals. New Seven Little Fortunes, said material assistance, is always limited, but the moral support, power is infinite; addition to providing material assistance and spiritual assistance, but also do their best to Zhouqu trauma, Zhouqu strong spread out around their love for the people affected, affecting everyone, this is they follow the master, unremitting efforts to be a public figure that you want to achieve.

Finally took parting the Zhouqu County deputy county health bureau staff and the people affected hand, Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and the New Seven Little Fortunes are solemn commitments, we will come back, Zhouqu refueling.

腾讯娱乐讯 2010年9月18日,新七小福与北京成龙慈善基金会工作人员一起,带着成龙大哥浓浓的爱心,与此行捐赠的2车卫生用品抵达舟曲,共同送去他们的爱与捐赠。








You can read more about their visit to Zhouqu on their Sina.T account.


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