Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jackie opens Gansu Week Expo - More Pics Added

Jackie appeared on stage with children who survived the Zhouqu floods this morning to open the Gansu Week Expo at the Shanghai Expo. He said that he would have visited the devasted area but the roads were utterly impassable. He sang "Feng Yu Tong Zhou"

LONDON reporter Mao Lijun, Liu Xin Sept. 11 reported: in the "through thick and thin" impassioned singing, the armed police were moving fragment of a disaster, the international superstar Jackie Chan appeared Baosteel Shanghai World Expo, the big stage, and 8 from affected areas in Gansu Zhouqu hand in hand with the children singing the inspirational melody.

This morning, the Expo theme weeks Gansu big stage in the Bao Steel opened the curtain. Jackie Chan and the emergence of affected children, so that the opening ceremony filled with a sort of warm and touching and determination. Originally planned when the disaster occurred in Zhouqu scene of Jackie Chan, did not take place because of impassable roads. Want to hit my heart and soul of Jackie Chan and his team created the first special, "through thick and thin", with songs and melodies to convey the support and attention to the disaster area. 8-bit disaster from Zhouqu children live singing the "Zhouqu child does not cry," rebuilding the confidence and spirit of self-presence of deeply touched every audience. According to host briefing, September 1, Zhouqu areas all children, including to other provinces attending children, has returned to class on time.

LONDON reporter learned that, during the Week, Gansu Museum visitors will also be sending 300,000 to the value of 10 million yuan in the province of 37 tourist scenic spots postage tickets, intended to thank the extraordinary people of all countries in Gansu Zhouqu Debris Flow Disaster help and support. "Customs of Gansu" performances, "Charm of Gansu" professional literary classic clips performances, "Scenery of Gansu" performances, "Scenery of Gansu", "non-legacy" will be 11 shows and other appearances. Art from Gansu nine teams, more than 400 performers and staff, will contribute more than 50 performances, including a large stage in the Bao Steel staged a "dazzling Gansu" large-scale variety show, local dance show large Original drama "Dream Jiu Selu" and so on.

As a provincial theme week "routine" activities, Gansu during the theme week, Bo into a major road riding Street parade to celebrate the Tibetan song and dance performances will include, Dunhuang welcome song and dance, Gansu Yugur style show, Gansu Province Nuo Dance, Wuwei " Liangzhou attack Drum Dance "and dance, good luck to the tourists happy. Gansu Province Intangible Cultural Heritage River famous state flowers, Yongchang Setsuko dance onto the stage, also will become a wonderful Aspect Gansu Week, which will fully demonstrate the long history and deep inside of Gansu Dunhuang culture, Silk Road culture , folk dance, traditional crafts, folk culture, full of culture, the charm of Gansu.




Nice BLOG entry with lots of photos and account of the opening ceremony.

SLIDESHOW with lots of large pics.

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