Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jackie's Next Cinema in Changzhou

These are artists impressions of Jackie's next cinema to open in Changzhou The theater should open at the end of September.

LOS ANGELES Changzhou JACKIE CHAN Yiu Lai International Studios will be the end of September Maoye Pacific City grand opening, which means the international movie star Jackie Chan and Mr. Sparkle Roll Group joined hands together to build a high-end investment-star theater, in following the Beijing Wukesong Guangzhou Xintang shop stores and to the strong momentum unstoppable entered the East China market, its unique construction of new fashion ideas for the entire cinema into the film industry a shot in the arm.

Changzhou JACKIE CHAN Yiu Lai International Cinema to Jackie Chan has consistently uphold and promote a "green low-carbon energy" for the purpose for the audience to create the first ever National Chamber of the viewing environment, zero pollution of air, so that the audiences like Breathing in large forest-like illusion. The Changzhou Studios Studios in essence solved Chamber issue air quality standards, in one fell swoop to fill gaps in the industry.

Changzhou JACKIE CHAN Lai Yiu all the shadow of international cinema hall, ticket halls and corridors of the air conditioning vent at the United States in particular fast clean installation of air purification system, but also the first domestic installation of central air conditioning system in the whole air of fresh air system, heat recovery systems and intelligent control system for studios, the application of these systems are fundamentally in the video hall to lift the long-closed environments such quality due to air pollution Er on the audience for a variety of adverse effects, while significantly reducing Studios energy consumption, for the first time the slogan of low-carbon energy to put into practice in the field of cinema building will be truly a safe, comfortable, eco, green and healthy concept.

At the same time, Changzhou JACKIE CHAN Lai Yiu Office of International Film Studios all come out of the second generation of all the latest digital projectors, all of the world's top audio equipment configuration - Ma Tian sound, and all imports Harkness installed high-gain screen. The most entertaining for the audience to create the shock effect. The modern high-tech means the design of the lobby into the video hall, is the first point of the whole projection system installed in the ground lobby of the cinema hall film, the game system to vote to increase the audience's curiosity and improve the audience participation.

Jackie Chan starred in the film to the theme of derivatives has become a lobby area for sale a beautiful landscape, dazzling array of product categories could be overwhelmed, there are like entering a small retrospective of Jackie Chan movies, friends and relatives as gifts rather novel and unique and collectible . National theater, no semicolon alone this one.

Thriving film industry led to the prosperity of the construction industry chain terminal Studios active posture, it is learned, Shenyang JACKIE CHAN Yiu Lai International Studios will also be at the end of the grand opening. JACKIE CHAN Yiu Lai International Cinema to Jackie Chan positive and healthy brand image led to Sparkle Roll Group's capital strength as the basis, will lead the new trend of construction and development studios.

新浪娱乐讯 常州JACKIE CHAN 耀莱国际影城将于九月底在茂业泰富城盛大开业,这意味着国际影星成龙先生和耀莱集团联手投资共同打造的高端星级影院,在继北京五棵松店和广州新塘店后,以锐不可当的强势劲头正式进军华东市场,其独到新颖风尚的影城建设理念为整个电影行业注入了一支强心剂。

  常州JACKIE CHAN耀莱国际影城以成龙大哥所一贯秉持和倡导的“绿色环保低碳节能”为宗旨,为观众营造出前所未有全国首家厅内空气零污染的观影环境,让观众产生有如在大森林中呼吸般的错觉。此次常州影城从实质上解决了影城厅内空气质量不达标的问题,一举填补了业内空白。

  常州JACKIE CHAN耀莱国际影城的所有影厅、售票大厅和走廊通道的空调出风口处特别加装了美国迅洁空气净化系统,同时也是国内首家在中央空调系统中加装了全空气新风系统,热回收系统和智能控制系统的影城,这些系统的应用从根本上解除了长期以来在影厅这种全封闭环境下因空气质量污浊而对观众产生的各种不良影响,同时大大降低影城的能耗,首次将低碳节能的口号在影城建设领域付诸实践将真正实现了安全、舒适、生态、健康的绿色环保理念。

  与此同时,常州JACKIE CHAN耀莱国际影城所有影厅全部采用最新问世的二代数字放映机,全部配置世界顶级音响设备—玛田音响,并全部安装进口的哈克尼斯高增益银幕。为观众打造最具观赏性的震撼效果。将现代化的高科技手段融入影厅大堂的设计,是国内首家将全角度地面投影系统安装在影厅大堂的影院,该系统中的地投游戏,增加了观众的新奇感,提高了观众的参与性。

  以成龙出演过的电影为主题的衍生品亦成为大堂卖品区一道亮丽的风景,产品种类琳琅满目 应接不暇,仿若进入一个成龙电影的小型回顾展,其作为礼品馈赠亲朋新颖独特又颇具收藏价值。全国影院,独此一家别无分号。

  电影产业蒸蒸日上的繁荣发展带动了产业链终端影城建设的活跃态势,据悉,沈阳JACKIE CHAN耀莱国际影城也将于年底盛大开业。JACKIE CHAN耀莱国际影城以成龙积极健康向上的品牌形象为主导,以耀莱集团雄厚的资本实力为依托,将引领影城建设发展的新潮流。



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