Friday, September 4, 2015

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With Kung Fu Yoga floundering in casting with Katrina Kaif the latest to turn down the movie, Railroad Tigers is due to start to filming on October 16. In addition to a host of casting calls for extras and various other parts appearing online in China (see image below), there is also this report with official details of filming:

The $50 million project is due to start shooting in October.

Hong Kong's Golden Network Asia has picked up the international rights to Jackie Chan's latest action comedy, the $50 million Railroad Tigers, which starts shooting in October and is directed by popular filmmaker Ding Sheng.

Producers say the movie harks back to the golden age of Chan's best-loved comedies, such as Project A and Drunken Master II, but with bigger production values and bigger action set-pieces.

Ding worked with Chan on period action-comedy Little Big Soldier and the contemporary police-thriller Police Story 2013, which between them made more than $100 million at the China box office.

Chan is coming off the whopping $120 million box-office take in China for Dragon Blade.

The movie is set in wartime China in 1941 and features Chan as a railroad worker who leads a team of freedom fighters who use their knowledge of the train network to disrupt Japan’s wartime engine and steal food for the starving Chinese population.

The movie is due for release in October 2016, around the time of China's national day holidays.

Railroad Tigers is backed by Sparkle Roll Media Corp, Shanghai Film Group, Beijing Going Zoom Media and Shanghai New Culture Media Group.

Rumours have been swirling around that Huang Zitou has been cast in the movie, and this appears to be confirmation of that casting.

Railroad Tigers is an action/comedy set in ww2 China and is set to be released October 2016, and will start Jackie Chan... And guess who else is in it?

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Congrats, Tao!

After 2 years of patient waiting, Jackie Chan and Huang Zitao finally get to act alongside each other in what is probably going to be one of Jackie Chan's bests.



Annet said...

Loved Little Big Soldier and Police Story 2013, though I wouldn't call the latter a comedy. With the director of these 2 wonderful films Railroad Tiger can only be another briliant film. Really great this film is going to be made as from next month. It really sounds like it's going to a wonderful film.


we all were very much interested in watching our master movie of the combination of CHINA and INDIA combined movie moment.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

After great and grandiose but still quite serious movies made by Jackie last years we are starving for his comedies so I am very happy reading that this movie after Skiptrace will be another comedy. I cannot wait for another pearl in Jackie´s film collection.

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