Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chigo Airconditioners Conference

CHIGO Airconditioners held a their "Annual Conference for Global Dealers" in Guangzhou today. Jackie Chan, the offical brand ambassador, attended the event. Li Xinghai (CEO and Chairman of the Board) said that Jackie Chan is a dreamer, full of emotion and enthusiasm; that he admired Jackie as a responsible man of principle who was prepared to make sacrifices for the sake of the goal. Li Xinghai called Jackie a real perfectionist who always remains stubborn and inflexible, and always follows his own way.



Annet said...

Always time for good causes and getting the message through. looking good there.

Anonymous said...
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Dagmar Crmanova said...

Great photos! As I remember from one of his diaries Jackie does not like much air condition. He said that in Hong Kong there is always too cold and I must confirm, we were alamost frozen at the fanparty. In his former office it was comfortably. But in other buildings it was still too cold. Better it was in Beijing. I am curious what Jackie said at the event.

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