Friday, September 25, 2015

19th Annual "Beijing Screenings" Closing Ceremony

The "Beijing Screenings" is run concurrently with the "Silk Road Film Festival". Films that represent the highest level of Chinese film that also achieved international success are shown. The films chosen this year were "The Return of the Monkey King", "Dragon Blade", "Wolf Totem", "Monster Hunt" and others. The closing ceremony for the 19th Annual Beijing Screenings was held tonight in Fuzhou, China. Jackie was recognised for his "Special Contribution to the International Communication of Chinese Cinema".

In his acceptance speech Jackie said that this award did not belong to him personally, that it took 54 years of work in film from child actor to now, that was not easy. Jackie said that the credit did not just belong to him, but to the entire film industry. Jackie then invited all the award winners on stage to give positive energy to Chinese film.

Jackie arrives in Fuzhou

Acceptance speech

All the award winners on stage together


mish said...

Congratulations Jackie. You deserve every award you get

Annet said...

Jackie Chan really deserved this award. Of course he didn't do it all on his own but did play a very big part in it. At least he can't be accused of being arrogant, he really is hubble and sometimes cuts himself short.

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