Friday, September 18, 2015

Important Warning

It has come to my attention that there is a person pretending to be the "real" Jackie Chan on a social media account. Please be aware that only the official verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo are real. Any other unverified account is NOT Jackie no matter what they say. If anyone invites you to join a secret group please just stop and think for a moment before accepting the invitation.

Please consider the following points:

  • All social media groups other than Weibo are blocked in China. If Jackie is in China, as he at present, he cannot be on any social media account.
  • Jackie is busy with work, and has not got time to be on line.
  • Jackie always gets an assistant to post his messages for him.


Annet said...

It can never be said often enough.

Dagmar Crmanova said...

Thanks a lot for the warning and let´s believe that in the future someone else will not create such a fake account and will make many people confused!

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