Friday, October 21, 2011

Jackie in Japan for 1911 Press Conference.

Jackie at a press conference for '1911' in Japan today. '1911' is one of the two films opening the Tokyo International Film Festival. Shown handing Jackie a bouquet of roses to celebrate his 100th film is actress and voice artist Shoko Nakagawa who is in the Japanese dub of '1911'. Jackie mentioned that he was happy to be in Japan but could not come sooner as he has been very busy. More below in the article.

Popular actor Jackie Chan on September 21 world, the general director movie starring himself, "1911" and published prior to visiting Japan, held a press conference in Tokyo. Xinhai Revolution depicting the work took place in China 100 years ago, "taken at the perfect time. You become a memorial movie for me," he said.

In the first eastern conference touched on the earthquake, "If Japan is restored, I am very happy. I had to come back to Japan much, busy busy. I'm sorry it closed late," and greeting. "Not even two hours after coming to Japan, was impressed watching the first time in recovery. The Japanese have the power of spirit, we believe that reconstruction must be" sent a message to the fans.

In the movie, Gen. Huang Hsing revolutionary righteousness thick (this way) to play a. "I thought during the shooting, the revolution comes so many victims. Without China today did not Xinhai Revolution. I think it is important to a movie like this. My own country, especially to young people get to know the history is very significant, "he said.

Jackie is a film for the 100-th anniversary appearance. Was asked for its comments before the press a lot of "whether the first 100 made, I actually do not know. Calculated from the child actor, might have possibly over 200. Because you are more familiar with the reporters, Let's say 100 a year for everyone, "he said, which soften the market.

The end of the meeting, Nakagawa appeared with a bouquet of talent that he was dubbed movie. Nakagawa a big fan of Jackie, "The immortality forever, please have a treasure for everyone. I love so I can devote all" and spoke in an excited state.

"1911" will be released nationwide on November 5.









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