Monday, October 31, 2011

Music for 1911

What would a movie (or trailer) be without music? The music brings the movie to life and is an essential part of the experience but often the people who make the music are just a footnote in the credits.

This trailer for '1911' features the music of Thomas Vo:

What Thomas had to say:
It has been quite exciting to see that a composition of mine, entitled "When Worlds Collide" has been featured in Jackie Chan's latest film, "1911 Revolution!" The film is billed as Jackie Chan's 100th film, and being a Jackie Chan fan, I will try my best to go see it. To view the trailer, please visit the official movie website at http://www.

More about Thomas (from his website - link below):
Thomas Vo is a BMI registered music composer who is specialized in dramatic, emotional, epic, and orchestral scores for film, television, games, trailers, and new media. His music has been featured on television, such as CBC, Global Morning News, CTV BC News, Sportsnet, CFJC 6:30 News, Entertainment Tonight Canada, and broadcast radio, such as CBS Radio. He has worked with a wide array of clients ranging from film directors to production companies from all around the world. Thomas has worked for clients from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Serbia, Germany, Italy, India, Australia, and more.

Born in Vietnam in 1991, Thomas migrated to the United States in 2000 when he was 9 years old. He started playing the piano when he was three years old. In his early years, he was greatly inspired by local music teachers. Determined to learn, he began to study music on his own time and gradually expanded his simple styles into a gamut repertoire. In 2008, Thomas worked on his first music project, in which he scored an entire theater play and directed the music live. The play experience was received with highly positive reviews, with several compliments in the music underscores. In mid-2009, Thomas was selected as the grand prize winner of a music remix contest hosted by Sony at Acid Planet. By late 2009, Thomas began to develop a keen interest in orchestral scores. This led him to study orchestral compositions and eventually specialize in it. While he is capable of a variety of music, Thomas Vo specializes in emotional, dramatic, epic, and orchestral scores for film, television, games, trailers, and new media.

To find out more - visit his website


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