Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jackie Chan Movie History

These are screenshots from various movies in the early 1970's that Jackie had bit parts in. For movie synopses and description please use the links. Where possible I have included a clip from the movie (not necessarily the part Jackie is in)

1. Unicorn Palm AKA Bruce Lee and I 【麒麟掌】(1973)


Bruce Lee was the action choreographer (uncredited) as a favour to long time friend and leading man Unicorn Chan. Jackie was an uncredited extra. Mars (another familiar name) is credited as 'boy'.

2. A Touch of Zen 【荒江侠女】(1971)


Jackie plays a beggar in this King Hu classic which has inspired other movies such as Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and Zhang Yimou's "House of Flying Daggers".

3. The Blade Spares None 【刀不留人】 (1972)


Jackie is an uncredited thug/fighter of the imposter prince, Sun Tien-Chen.

4. Stranger in Hong Kong 【香港过客】(1972)

(No synopsis)

The film is about a computer engineer working for an insurance company who stops over in Hong Kong on his way to a conference in Britain. He is met by Li Szu (Tien Feng) who shows him around Hong Kong. He gets tricked into breaking into a bank.

Jackie plays one of the bank thieves.

5. Ambush 【埋伏】(1972)


Jackie plays two bit parts in this 'Eastern Western'. One as an archer in an ambush scene and another as one of the men of one of the characters.

The other part:

6. Village of Tigers 【恶虎村】(1974)


The heroes battle to rid their village of all killers, gangsters, and thieves.

Jackie plays a follower of the hero.

Jackie is briefly in the first few seconds of this clip.


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