Sunday, December 22, 2013

Video: Signing Ceremony for the Jackie Chan Stunt Park

Jackie signed an agreement in Beijing yesterday to develop a stunt school facility in an area between Beijing and Tianjin. It will be part of a large development that will incorporate an equestrian center, extreme sports facilities and film studios for stunt work. During the interview Jackie revealed that he has trained over 100 stunt people who work in the industry all over the world. He also expressed a desire to develop an award for stunt work in movies, saying that stunts are under recognised in film. He mentioned an incident at the Tripod Awards in which Sam Worthington was given a stunt award for his role in Avatar, saying that the award systems do not recognise what is a stunt film vs a CGI film.


Anonymous said...

He trained over 100 stunt people ??? OMG !!! He is sooo amazing !!!
I agree, the stunt award must acknowledge the real hard work, which means real danger to the stuntman and that special skills which create a great scene !
and Jackie is soo unique to know and to do and to teach all of this !!! <3 :)

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