Sunday, December 8, 2013

PS2013 MV

Jackie Chan and Sun Nan feature in this 'making of' MV for Police Story 2013. At the press conference for the release of the MV today, Jackie commented that they made two versions of the song, a fast and a slow version and that he preferred the slow version. He also said that it was not a difficult song to sing, and that working with Sun Nan was harder because of his professionalism.

Sun Nan sent a special video saying that he was honoured Jackie had chosen to reinterpret his song 《拯救》(Salvation) for the movie.

At the MV release Ding Sheng also revealed that he had consulted with James Cameron about some of the 3D shots in the movie.


Anonymous said...

OMG !!! I am done!!!! Amazing !!!!! So touching and wonderful as he singing deep from his heart !!!!! Very powerful , I LOVE it super much !!!! Thank you for the great video !!!
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU SUPER JACKIE CHAN !!!!!!!!! <33333333333.....
( Sun Nan has a great voice but Jackie's voice is much more beautiful !!!!! )

SREČKO said...

Jackie is now again more old Jackie action style and along with this all again, better and more beautiful for me; films, commercials, music ... action, action and again action like in old days. He is still in good shape, so why not?!!! A beautiful song with a music video.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how old...just super welcome always ...and longing to see !!!! <3 I imagine as He comes on his white Jackie ...WoooooW...that's the feeling !!!
Wonderful video! great!

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