Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jackie Promoting Twin Dragons on Japanese Show

Old Japanese Interview.


Anonymous said...

Sending blessings for many photo more successful projects for you where I couldn't be there with Jackie super great every. I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH.... MORE AND MORE....... He has so much resposibility and so amazing as He take all of His power to care others !!! <3 LOVE YOU SOO MUCH JACKIE SUPER CHAN !!! <3<3<3 :)
I wish I could be there with Jackie more photo !!!!! <3__<3

Anonymous said...

My love ,my life forever yours !!!! Dying to seeee you !!!!
I <3 ^U^ SUPER MUCH JC !!!!! O_O

Dagmar said...

The video is great, pity that Twin Dragons were never in our TV, I have just Chinese DVD without subtitles. Jackie looks great on this video.

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