Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Director's Cut Trailer

Ding Sheng released a director's cut trailer for PS2013


danny said...

ding sheng is one hell of a director, great direction in little big soldier and now this.. jackie looking beast..this is an absolute trailer please find hd version of it..thanx superchan

SuperChanBlog said...

@ Danny - this was the size that was uploaded by Ding Sheng so all I can do is keep an eye out and see if he uploads a bigger version.

danny said...

@superchanblog- that will be great.. :)

Anonymous said...

I very feel the action ! Great !
Thank you ! :)

Anonymous said...

He is so love much very powerful pictures JC...without him this wonderful event can't happen super luck with Jackie so more....without him children can't have a chance for a better life !!!

Annet said...

Like Shinjuku and Little Big Soldier I love this film and hope Jackie Chan makes many more of these kind of films.

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