Monday, April 15, 2013

Jackie's Thoughts on Winning Best Action Choreography

Posted on Weibo Sunday 14 April 2013 by Jackie:

Many years ago, my father told me that I must not just be an action actor, I have to be a good actor. An action actor could not hit the 60-year-old mark, but a good actor can play a long, long time. These words I have kept in mind up to now, and I have been working hard towards this goal. Following the Huading Awards "CZ12" got the Award for the Best Action Choreography Award last night. My partner, He Jun, said on stage "Thanks to stunt brothers, past and present, who are now living in different parts of the world." I was very emotional - so many years following the JC Stunt Team, I have traveled to several continents, to show the world the spirit of martial arts and the professional conduct of the Chinese film. No matter what the future holds this spirit will last forever. Now I still want to follow what my father said, until now I do not just want to fight, but I did not want to disappoint fans around the world! I share this award with all the action actors!



Amelie said...

I am very happy for Jackie and thanks for the beautiful big photos.

Anonymous said...

I must say that He and His movies was always different that other movies because He put Himself in the movie with all His heart with great acting in all of His movies !!!! That's why He is and He was always the BEST and better than others !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was and He is and He will be always a great and unique Actor !!!!

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