Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Great Review for CZ12

One of the very few reviews for CZ12 from some one who 'gets' it.

Closing in on 60 years of age, Jackie Chan sure doesn't look or move like a person at that age, especially in the 2012 Chan featured and directed film, "Chinese Zodiac," which is also referred to as "Amour Of God III." For those who don't know, the famous Chan film,"Operation Condor" was "Amour Of God II."

From the beginning of this action packed motion picture, until the end of the two hour film, the intensity is damn near non-stop, highlighted by a million and one moves by Chan himself. From full body roller-blading to fighting off rottweilers, couch fighting and sky diving next to a live volcano, Chan does it all, and some, as usual.

Based around his thieving character, "Asian Hawk" and his most recent mission to steal the remaining pieces of a bronze set of heads that symbolize animals of the Chinese Zodiac, he finds himself in a moral dilemma after the first heist of the mission and also when his fellow thieves find clues of many more treasures along with these heads.

The dialogue languages shifts from Mandarin, French and English, maybe more, which has become somewhat of a Chinese standard in film-making as of late, in an attempt to make movies as international as possible. In my opinion a great idea.

The acting was what one would expect from a Jackie Chan feature and I was very impressed by his directing skills, I was just waiting for him to break out in one of his own songs that he was once famous for. The comedic elements were Chan-perfection, especially with the pirates, keep your eyes on that sequence, and above all the locations were absolutely gorgeous.

All in all, a great action film, and the type that I miss from American films that were so prevalent in the 90s, but are all but forgotten in this new age of whatever it is. I look forward to more Jackie Chan directed motion pictures, and it goes without saying any with him in starring roles.



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