Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jackie's Message on His Birthday

Jackie posted this message for all his fans:

Every year I receive birthday blessings from fans around the world and I would like to thank you for your continual support and love, and I am even more pleased to see that the fans of others bless me. I am very moved. Messages sent to friends joked that "Do not worry that on the road ahead you do not have close friends, who in the whole world does not know you". In fact, not only just for me, if everyone held a warm and tolerant attitude towards others, our environment will be better! Until today, providence has been very good to me, so I want to give you all the blessings that are given to me. I hope you are happy. I repeat my unchanging birthday wish: World Peace ! Love you, Love the world.

每年生日都收到全世界影迷的各種祝福,謝謝你們一路以來的相陪,愛護,支持,更高興看到別人的影迷也來祝福我,很感動。朋友們發來的短信開玩笑說"莫愁前路無知己,天下誰人不識君"其實不光只是對我,要是所有人都抱著溫暖寬容的心態對待別人,我們的環境一定會更好!走到今天,上天已經對我很好了,所以我要把自己收到的所有祝福都送給你們,希望大家都幸福美滿,也再說一遍我每年不變的生日願望:世界和平! 愛你們、愛天下。


Anonymous said...

生日快乐 健康长寿!爱您 成龙大哥 !!! <3 好吃好吃 ^^
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JACKIE !!!!! Thanks for the wonderful message !!! World peace...and Love Love Love LOOOOOOVE YO^U^ !!!

Amelie said...

Thank you dear Jackie for this very moving message! We all love you! Wishing you many nice and happy years!

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