Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earthquake Update From Jackie

Updated reports on the earthquake in Lushan and Ya'an, China, put the number of deaths at 203 and the number of injured at 11 500. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and all the people struggling to cope with the disaster.

Jackie posted the following comments on Weibo this morning:

Since yesterday morning, I have received many phone calls from friends in the entertainment industry wanting to donate money. You are all so amazing. What moved me the most was seeing the quick rescue response from the Government and aid relief workers. Every time we are faced with a disaster, we are confronted with a big challenge – the challenge to provide disaster relief. Even more of a challenge is how to rebuild the area after such a disaster. Many volunteer workers from my Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation have already started planning. We will continue to monitor the situation in the disaster zone and efficiently allocate funds, aid relief, and materials to the areas in need most. I hope you continue to pass positive energy! Pray for the disaster area!

I have been following the latest news about Lushan, and I have been worrying about the people there. I saw so many emotional scenes on TV. I saw injured children who put on a brave face with a smile; I saw a news reporter dressed in a wedding gown broadcasting the latest updates; I saw mothers using their body to shield their children; I saw a young man embracing his father waiting to be saved by rescue workers. All these images made my heart ache again. To everyone in Lushan, do not give up! We are by your side.


SOURCE: Jackie Chan Weibo


Amelie said...

I will pray for all the poor victims. If a charity was announced dear Jackie I would participate.


we will pray master

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