Friday, April 12, 2013

Jackie's Message on Winning Huading Awards.


Last night CZ12 had four nominations at the Huading Awards and won three. This is the first time I won "Best Director". All these years I made movies for the audience to enjoy and not to win awards, but I am still very happy to receive the affirmation. Seeing Jackie Chan Stunt Team win Best Action Choreography and Zhang Lanxin to win "Best New Artist" and seeing them have an opportunity to come to the stage to receive their prize and give an emotional speech, made happier than winning my own award. Thank you to the fans around the world, and the friends who never stopped giving support.


Amelie said...

Bravo dear Jackie! You deserve to win, thank you for making movies to us, your fans.

Anonymous said...

Thank You soo much Jackie Chan !!! You giving much more to the World...there is no any award to reward to You....and I am soo happy and grateful for You as soo many people in the World feel the same !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soo much that You are and so amazing You are !!! <3 with my full heart LOVE YOU !!! :)

Anonymous said...

NAMASTE JACKIE.. YOU ARE BEST ACTION STAR IN THE WORLD, I WILL SEE YOUR MOST OF THE MOVIE, ONLY 12 OLD MOVIES I DONT GET THE DVD in the market so that i cant seen this movie now yet, but verysoon i found and wacth them, i love your smile, your smile make me tention free, i called your smile THE PAIN KILLER SMILE. i hope some day i will meet you..

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