Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wash Your Hands with Jackie

Jackie advises children on the importance of washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water to protect against disease in this PSA for UNICEF.


Anonymous said...

Hello Superchan, i'm looking for information about this video i found. i've search your site and not found:
any help would be great, i think its the sweetest MV he's done. Also confused about the title either the film of my life or my own movie. It seems to tell a story, though not sure.

FYI i also found a old interview from 1998 - today i've never seen:

Anonymous said...

The English translation of the MV is usually "My Own Movie". It is actually a Zhou Hui song and she is singing with Jackie rather than the other way around ie you will find the song listed under her name and on her album. The Chinese title of the song is "自己的電影"

This article (in English) talks about her comeback album and in particular that song.

The interview was good thanks for sharing.

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