Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jackie Recording "Best Wishes From Beijing" in HK

Jackie Chan, a popular Chinese movie star, led a singing wish from Hong Kong to the London Olympics on Monday.

Jackie Chan organized a group of Hong Kong fancy pop stars to sing in a music video for the London Olympics called "Best Wishes from Beijing" on Monday.

He said that the song followed the standard of Olympic songs written for the Beijing Olympics, with about 100 pop stars from China including actresses Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing involved. The music video will be shot respectively at Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei of China's Taiwan. About 1,000 Chinese civilians will take part in the shooting.

The song contains wishes for the athletes to surpass themselves as well as best wishes for London, the world and the humankind.

"For world peace, sports, friendship and environmental protection, I hope we can present the song to the whole world on July 27, at the opening ceremony (for the London Olympics)," Jackie Chan said.

Pop star Eason Chan, who had a personal concert in London on April 23, also took part in shooting of the video.

"I am looking forward to the games of tennis and diving (on the London Olympics)," he said.



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