Monday, July 30, 2012

Jackie Chan in Olympics TV Special

Jackie made a special appearance on an Olympic Games TV special with the head coach of the Chinese Badminton team, Li Yongbo. During the program Li Yongbo's admiration for Jackie's badminton skills was revealed "He can play against two people for two hours, and also with the martial arts tumbling." Li Yongbo's interpretation is not a bit exaggerated, as Jackie, explained next:" but only if the opponent can not kill the ball!" Jackie carried on to say that he really likes badminton because it was very good exercise but that he would not want to play it professionally. If he had to choose an Olympic sport that he would have liked to have done, it would have been gymnastics. Jackie also spoke about his wish for Martial Arts to be included as an Olympic event.

While he was there Jackie pulled a pile of paper napkins out of his pocket. When the reporters asked him about it he said that when he goes to a restaurant he does not waste the paper towels and takes them with him to use later.

Jackie revealed that he was asked to run with the torch for London 2012 but had to turn it down due to being busy with "Chinese 12 Zodiac".

Jackie with Li Yongbo

Jackie with the host of the program

Jackie saves packets of sugar as well.



Anonymous said...

i just watched the interview, frustrated that i cant speak chinese, even though you have translated what he said lmao. what happened to dacrejames?

Anonymous said...

Dacrejames gave up translating and uploading.

Anonymous said...

retired already?! :o what a shame! :/

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